Account-based sales training

exclusively for Atlassian partners

We train teams to win big business

Ambition Atlassian partners work with us when they become frustrated with small instance business. After discovering that managing lots of small accounts is eating away at their profit margins, they contact us to train their teams in enterprise sales.

Atlasales provides sales teams with account-based strategy, sales operations and tactics to win over key account stakeholders. Over 16 weeks we transform your sales teams from small business accounts executives to enterprise account winners.

Over 16 weeks we teach your sales team how to:

Build an account-based sales strategy to find and prospect top accounts.Develop new relationships with top account prospects using online social channels.Upsell and cross-sell products into the top accounts, maximising the value of every account.Automate sales processes so that your team can spend more time on key business.Use your CRM to support your sales team operations so that they close more deals.

Choose Atlassian specialist Sales trainers

Unlike generic sales training, we know which Attlasian communities and digital channels top account stakeholders use. Our sales trainers are Atlassian advocates. We understand the ecosystem and the best ways to get decision-makers to evaluate your products.

The Training Programme

Every programme is delivered over 16 weeks. That’s 4 months of training tailored to your team. Live webinars are delivered biweekly. Every session your team is provided with new tactics to implement in 10 working days. Individual coaching is included to work specifically on individuals needs.

Pricing plans

Our prices vary depending on the number of candidates booked, the currency of preferred payment and payment terms. Please request pricing below.

We accept all global currencies. Flexible payment schedules are available for startups. For a final price, please complete an enquiry form. Include your preferred start date, number of candidates and currency of payment. If you consider yourself a startup, let us know.

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